Our Story

MAF, a passionate perfumery enthusiast, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with Scentfriday. Starting as a one-person operation, he crafted high-quality dupe perfumes that captured the essence of popular scents at a fraction of the price. His dedication and expertise allowed Scentfriday to flourish, initially on a small scale.
Early challenges, such as sourcing quality ingredients and marketing, tested MAF's resolve. However, he persevered, learning valuable lessons along the way. As his product line expanded and gained popularity, Scentfriday began catching the attention of fragrance enthusiasts across North America.

Recognizing the potential for growth, MAF entered into a partnership with another individual. Unfortunately, this partnership did not work out as planned. Despite the setback, MAF's determination remained unshaken.Taking full control of Scentfriday once again, MAF redefined his business strategies and streamlined operations. He focused on building a strong online presence, engaging with his customers on social media, and continually innovating his product offerings.

Scentfriday's success story reached new heights as its dupe perfumes gained a dedicated following, and positive reviews spread like wildfire. With MAF's unwavering commitment and the support of a growing customer base, Scentfriday became a household name in the world of affordable fragrances.Today, Scentfriday is a North American success story, serving customers from coast to coast. MAF’s journey from a small-scale perfumery operation to a thriving business stands as a testament to his passion, resilience, and unwavering belief in the power of scent to captivate hearts and create a fragrant legacy. So he is using his own knowledge and talent in perfume business to make new scents that capture people’s heart . Soon we till transition from making dupes to our own perfumes under Scentfriday